Benefits of Membership

The Kiwanis Club of Houma offers many benefits to members:

  • Camaraderie. The club’s meetings offer an opportunity to get to know other business and volunteer leaders in the Houma area.
  • Community service. In addition to fundraising projects, the club encourages members to get involved in the community through hands-on activities, both as club members and as individuals. Education. Interesting programs seek to expand members’ awareness of current issues.
  • Leadership Development. Members are encouraged to develop leadership skills through serving on the Board of Directors and on committees. Members also have the opportunity to take advantage of regional and national Kiwanis materials and programs.
  • Support for Youth. The Kiwanis Club of Houma works with area schools to encourage community service and leadership skills.


New Member Application Process - modify as needed!

In order to make it as easy as possible for new member cadidates to understand, we have decided to lay out the application process and associated costs for you to review. 

1. Membership is by invitation only and a prospective new member must have the sponsorship of at least one current member of our club along with one or two other current member endorsements. In the event that you do not currently know one of our members, the club will help introduce you to the membership so that a sponsor may be obtained. Our club welcomes new member candidates without regard to sex, race, creed, or national origin.  Candidates must be at least 21 years of age.  Since we work regularly with children, Kiwanis International requires all members to pass a background check which can be performed after provisional member acceptance is offered.

2. We like to get to know prospective members before we invite them to join so we ask that prospective members attend at least two or more luncheons before submitting their application.  There is no cost to you to attend these initial meetings as the cost will be borne by your sponsor or by the club.  Arrangements to attend must be made with your sponsor or the club office in advance of attending.  

3. We have a $50 application fee that accompanies the prospective new member's formal application.

4. Your sponsor will present your completed application to the membership committee to be voted upon.  Upon passing the vote of the membership committee, your application is submitted to the Club Board for a formal vote of approval or denial. The Club Board meets once per month and discusses open applications at that time. 

Dues Structure for our Membership Categories


Active Membership

This is the default membership category for all members 35 years or older. Active members are billed regular dues and for ___ meals per quarter.

Dues: $___ / quarter.

Meals: $___ / quarter 

Total per quarter: $___.


Senior Membership

Available only to persons at least 75 years old, with a minimum of twenty years prior Kiwanis membership in either our club or another Kiwanis Club. Senior membership must be requested by the member to the club's board of directors.  Conversion to Senior Membership is not automatic. Senior Members have reduced dues and a reduced meal minimum billing of three meals per quarter.

Dues: $___ / quarter.

Meals: $___ / quarter 

Total per quarter: $___


Guest Meals: 

If you would like to invite a guest to a luncheon meeting, the fee will be charged to your account at the current rate of $___ each.


Special Events

It varies, but some special events, like the Christmas Party and Crawfish Boil are optional and can incur additional fees.